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We provide cost effective and scalable software solutions where the conventional readily available packages do not fulfill specific business requirements.

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We are always ready to fulfill all your specific custom requirements which involves different dimensions in a project,
development, testing, deployment, maintenance and support of existing or new products.

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Through years of operation, we have become successful in understanding the requirements of the clients in a better manner.

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Our company has a team of highly productive and efficient developers. All the professionals have experience of building many applications.

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While retaining competitive rates we never compromise on the quality of our services.

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Most of the corporate training are done with a slide show which we do not believe in. We deal with concept and an example, we prepare them for future training by giving them a strong base. It is not just about training technical, about the role individual plays in a company. What you HEAR, you might forget !! What you SEE, you might remember !! What you DO, you NEVER FORGET!!
We prepare engineers who are not specifically prepared to work on one language and one domain. Master one language and rest should be a reference. We imbibe in our engineers that change between different languages is just the syntax and the environment and also a passion for learning. We provide, on the job technical training, we refer to it as industry training for a span of three months with end to end involvement in software development life cycles. Our trainings are not class room based trainings.
Being technical is alone not enough for you to be a software engineer, however smart, should be a part of the team/game. If everyone follows their own process, you can guess the outcome of the product under development. We follow continuous integration, continuous build and deployment process We do follow agile methologies for deliverables.
Training is an important part of an organization, with the emerging or evolving technologies we need to keep the pace to be in the competitive world and frequently know which domain best suits for which product. When we talk about products, product is designed based on the domain on which the business is running. If trainees aren't aware of the domain, they will miss visualizing the outcome of the product which in turn affects efficiency in development. One who involves developing a product should also be a subject matter expert (SME) for that domain for which the product is being developed. The difference in the output of being a domain expert or a subject matter expert is observed in the quality of the product under development.